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Tumblr page for the sometimes wizard rock band Creevey Crisis. I am, however, ALWAYS a wizard rock fan, and write/edit for the Wizrocklopedia. I like to blather a lot, so expect lots of info on wizard rock, recording, stuff about books, and occasionally some fanfic-related stuff as well (Hinny = OTP). Opinions are purely my own, and not reflective of the Wizrocklopedia.
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.@russtopherb thanks so much #GOFLYERS #willwearwithpride #kickingitoldschool #wizardrock

This was the last pink shirt!! I still have some reds and grays though… but not many!

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Standing in Line


Rough cut recording of my new song! Enjoy!

Reblog the hell out of this, wizard rock fans.

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Horcrux Heroes,
The Mudbloods: A Tribute / An Essentially Epic War Against Animals Who Have Left the Forbidden Forest


What I loved about the Mudbloods tribute album was that the bands all put their own spin on the songs - it wasn’t an album of covers, it was indeed full of honest tributes.

Of all the songs, this one was by far and away my favorite. I absolutely love the vocals, and the expanded instrumentation. It fits the feel of the song perfectly.

Then again, it’s an Adam Dubberly tune. Kind of hard to make one of those sound BAD, amiright? But in all honesty - love love love this version.

Re-sharing this one again because it’s been in my head all morning and I still stand by what I said about this version. It’s lovely.


Anyone want one?

No reasonable offers refused.

Seriously. Time for these to go to good homes. No more shows for me to sell these at.

OK so a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s bought one so far!

As of tonight, all the pinks have been sold, and I’m out of smalls. There’s a few mediums left, and the rest are all L/XL/XXL.

Oh and I have one youth XL too. In red. Seeing little kids running around Wrockstock III in Crisis shirts was one of the most awesome things ever.

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Ginny and the Heartbreakers


I Have Red Hair by Ginny and the Heartbreakers

Anyone want one?

No reasonable offers refused.

Seriously. Time for these to go to good homes. No more shows for me to sell these at.

…I pick the absolute worst possible times to have ideas for songs and riffs hit me.

I’ve got 2 songs down, and another 2-3 in various stages of creation. 

I’m hearing wrock lyrics in my head when I’m trying to think of melodies. I cannot guarantee that if these songs ever see the light of day, that they will be wizard rock though.

It’s mostly down tempo, heavy but not totally distorted out music.

I have absolutely no time to work on, or record, any of it.

Which means I’ve probably got some sleepless nights ahead of me.


On August 31st, Jesse Newman and I played a wizard rock show for the Geek Girls of Hartford’s epic End-of-Summer Harry Potter Party. What progressed was a night of incredible connection, laughs, and music that no one really anticipated.

This show was so special to me, as I was fresh off of Tour, missing the music and my tourmates. The show brought me back to myself. I’m forever grateful to the Girls and to Megan Forbus for inviting us to play.

Sit back and have a listen! If you’re new to wizard rock, it’s a great introduction to the best the genre has to offer. If you’re an old fan, have a listen to your favorite songs reimagined.

I haven’t had much time for any free reading over the past few weeks since school started again, but I just read “Eleanor & Park” on my daughter’s very, very strong recommendation.

Wow. Loved it.

After I was done, she was going on and on about how angry the end made her. I had to gently explain (more than once) that realistic outcomes are not always happy endings. Everyone doesn’t always end up together forever. I, for one, loved that the book ended the way it did. 

She didn’t agree with me that there were a lot of similarities to “Stargirl” but that’s OK. Kind of weird, but kind of cool to be able to have these discussions with my daughter now. 


New song in the works!

Well, these lyrics have been sitting in my notebook for a while now but I’ve nearly got the guitar part worked out.

All I can say for sure is that the song will be called “Midnight Thestral”.

More to come soon!


I wanted to come up with a way to describe this song, but I couldn’t. Not really.

All I could think of was, hearing a song like this for the first time reminded me of what it felt like to long after someone for ages, and then finally reach that moment where you realized they longed for you too, and the sheer overwhelming joy that engulfed you the very moment you first realized it together.

Or something like that. 

That outtro. Hot damn. 


Did any of the Weasleys (besides Ron) know about Harry and Ginny during HBP? Like we don’t even have a scene where someone has an awkward moment trying to skirt around the subject. There is no verification that anyone knew. I feel like everything was kept quiet or something. How did Ginny keep…

And this is where a fic like “Ginny Weasley and the Half Blood Prince” is so wonderful (to me, anyways). It’s about the closest to canon any fanfic’s come (IMHO), and it addresses a lot of these points that I think so many other people have as headcanon.

I just completed my bi-annual re-reading of the 7 books, and re-read GW&THBP alongside Book 6. It was pretty damn awesome. 

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The Time Turners,
Time Turning 101


Hey, guys!  I just finished recording As You Walk today.  I have had the song written for ages and I’ve failed to have a decent recording until today.  It’s the notorious Forest/Chapter 34 song that every wizard rock band writes, but it is my version.  I hope you enjoy it!

I like it!! 

Pissed, Drunk, And Fighting for Justice

by Diagon Alley

Yeah so I’ll reblog the Diagon Alley stuff, since they’re all great guys who’ll give you the shirt off their back and happen to make great music.

Know what I really love about Diagon Alley? They’re not assholes who emotionally abuse women, steal people’s money, and bully teenaged girls. And they’ve never needed Autotune.


Firstly, how many people remember the wrock band How Airplanes Fly?

I don’t know if everybody already knew about this but I found a bunch of her music on soundcloud. All I can say is how happy I am for this discovery because her music is freaking awesome and it’s one of my main inspirations for wrock.

If you’ve been looking for more of How Airplanes Fly or have never heard her before, CLICK THIS NOW.

Love it when people discover older, amazing wrock bands!!!

PSSSST check out Hollow Godric yet, if you don’t already own all their stuff.