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Hey, you seem to have a lot of Wizard Rock, and I'm looking for a Weasel King song that Stephanie Anderson told me about- Weasley is Our King. I haven't been able to find a copy of even a live performance on youtube or on any site for purchase. Help?
creeveycrisis creeveycrisis Said:

I gotcha covered. 

The Weasel King - “Our King”

I checked the tags on the mp3, and it’s one I downloaded from his old MySpace page when it was still up and running. So I’m OK with handing it out, here it is, and enjoy. 

I keep all the Harry Potter fanfic that I’m reading on an HP thumb drive.

I’ve done that for at least 4 years now, and I JUST noticed it today.

Observant = me.

This is…. 

there are no words.



Oh man I forgot about this one. This could’ve been like, my 4th 5th wrock band had I written a few more. 

RIP Wesley.



Prior to the release of my new album fanmix, I’ll be sharing my old stuff—yes they’re all RHr—in here. Yay music!

And I’m sorry about the yellow canary attack
And I’m sorry if you felt as though I stabbed you in the back
We both said and did things that were pretty dumb
Do you regret ‘em? Because I regret them.

Oh WOW. Two of my songs are on here. That’s… amazing. I’m very humbled.

Also, this is pretty much the only time you’d EVER see a Creevey Crisis song next to a MoM song. 

Also also, I’m not even a huge Romione shipper. Some of the songs just… ended up that way. Hinny all the way!

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go see Mineral when they announced the reunion tour (I still mean, HOLY SHIT Mineral is playing shows!!!!!) but that didn’t stop me from being happy for everyone else who was able to grab tickets as all the shows were selling out all over the east coast.

So I’ll have to be content with seeing the HD vids when they start popping up on YouTube. If they play this song and “The Last Word Is Rejoice” and I can see them with the volume cranked up, it’ll almost be like I was there.


"We were sitting on the carpet, with our basket full of eggs. We were sitting on the carpet on that resurrection day… on that resurrection day."



Portraits Of Boston Marathon survivors see runners returning to the finish line to look back. See more of these inspiring photos here. 

Photographer Robert X. Fogarty of Dear World, a message-on-skin photography project, prepared the portraits of the survivors.

I lived in Boston for two years. My heart broke last year when I heard the news of the Marathon Bombing.

The marathon was such a happy event, it brought this really cool energy to the city that will never be there again. That’s what hate and terrorism robs us all of. 


For my paper about music in fan cultures, I need to interview 4-5 people about wrock (wizard rock). If you are a fan of wrock music and would like to talk to me about your experiences in the fandom, please get in touch with me. message me on here or email me at

I think one or two people who like the wrock follow me … help her out!

When I click on my tracked “wizard rock” tag, you don’t get to show #jasonmunday as a related tag. Because they’re not related anymore.

Never again.


I’ve got a few other tags that might be a bit more appropriate, however….

They only work when you truly mean it and feel that you were in the wrong and want to make amends.

They don’t work when you’re only doing it because everyone’s realized you’re a world class asshole who, at best, treats others terribly and, at worst, has taken part in manipulative abusive behavior and/or stood by while others did so and you said and did nothing. And those people you’ve pissed off royally have been helping you pay your bills, and most likely won’t be doing so from this day forward. Plus, to boot, you’ve been publicly called out by people who, quite frankly, without whom you’d still be messing around with your cracked copy of Pro Tools and Autotune in your basement all by yourself.

The worst part of all this is that once again, we’re talking about assholes and their behavior (or lack thereof) instead of discussing how men can be educated about simple decency and proper respect, and women are given the support and help they need to deal with said assholes.


To all it concerns in the wizard rock community, here is, perhaps, a better way to say this:

Firstly, I’m sorry for the miscommunication and rude manner of my last comment on this matter via Twitter and Facebook. Although, I wholeheartedly meant exactly what the core part of…

Nothing to add, Snobby. Nothing at all.


The #BecauseOfWizardRock hashtag on twitter completely destroyed me this evening.

I’ve been quiet about most of the recent allegations concerning people in the fandom, aside from this article on the wizrocklopedia, mostly because I don’t feel like I need to add to the noise surrounding everything, and partially because I’m still working through it myself.

But this hashtag just got me right in the guy tonight. This is why I’m here. Wizard Rock was a major factor in shaping my personality today, and in forming the friendships that I know I’ll carry with me until the very end.

I love you all so much.

I saw this screencap of the tweets and now I suddenly can’t see my screen anymore. Everything’s all blurry. 

I can’t even.


So, I for one am completely and totally against a witch-hunt, speculating “who’s next”, etc. And I’m not about to accuse Jason Munday of any illegal behavior or misconduct in relationships, because I have no evidence or inklings of such.

However, I AM going to fucking accuse him of responding to a young woman’s legitimate qualms and concerns over the rape culture with belittlement and anger.

Yeah, go back up and read that again. Jason Munday just said that if you don’t want to live in the rape culture then too fucking bad. His awful, sarcastic solution to escape abuse and rape? Just remove yourself from all men and thus, culture at large, until placed in an arranged marriage.

I’m not saying Jason’s statements here are on par with the level of awfulness that Luke and Alex’s actions lie on. But what he said is entirely reprehensible, and should not be forgotten.

I went off on Twitter today, specifically at Jason Munday, after seeing this.


Because I’m the father of a 13 yr old girl. I’m the husband of a woman who’s been sexually harassed in her lifetime, like pretty much 99.9% of women out there, sadly. Because I’m the father of an 8 yr old son, and very soon I’m going to need to make sure he’s very educated about how to respect women.

I was actually surprised that he responded to me, given that I’m a 38 yr old male, not a teenaged girl. I figured he only responded in a condescending manner to those he thought he was better than. I won’t get into what was said, because it’s all public, and frankly, I don’t know if he could’ve possibly come out looking worse. 

Just a few days ago, I defended him on Twitter for his silence over the accusations against Alex and Luke. Seeing his tweets like those above, which weren’t the only ones in his timeline that were utterly disgusting and uncalled for, were what set me off. If I publicly defended him, I was sure as hell going to publicly call him out for his bullshit.

I don’t know if he thinks this is a laugh, or a game. Newsflash - IT’S NOT. This is REAL. This is life. This is about rape culture in society, and the sickening trend of men feeling like they have more power over women (as seen from his tweets above) and the demeaning of women who DARE question and show valid concern over things like this.

I had to see bruises on girls in high school, who could somehow never remember how they got there. I dated a girl who showed up to school one day with a giant scratch on her cheek because a guy smacked her. I watched a girl in tears try to get away from her known abusive boyfriend while teachers simply stood by and watched him chase her down. 

I’m terrified that my daughter might one day be in one of those situations. 

I’m disgusted that women who felt safe in the wizard rock community had to put up with such horrible, sickening behavior, and are now dealing with the mental and emotional scars as a result. I’m sad that women are now justifiably wary of men who they thought were good guys.

I’m furious that some men still think this is some sort of a joke.

Most of all, I’m sad that what I thought was a caring community is filled with people who either don’t care or don’t want to care. 

EDIT: the personal examples I used were mostly of physical abuse; I am not saying that there was any physical abuse in recent events nor am I saying that anyone condones physical abuse. What I AM saying is that abuse is abuse, be it physical, emotional, mental, etc. And all of it is disgusting, uncalled for, and reprehensible. 

ALSO - I still do not feel it is right or OK to “call out” people for remaining silent these past few weeks. Many of them are not only conflicted over what they very most likely feel are friendships, many may also be looking at the BS like above and not wanting to get stuck in it as well. It’s one thing to remain silent, it’s another thing to do…. whatever it is that Jason is doing above. 

EDIT #2: looks like all of Jason’s tweets have been deleted. Too bad they’re screencapped here on Tumblr (and I see that another user screencapped some of my exchanges with him as well). He apologized to the young lady you see in the above pic, but I highly doubt he’ll apologize for calling me a bad parent. That’s OK. My son gave me a huge hug when I put him to bed tonight, and to be quite blunt, he and his sister’s opinions are all that matters to me.