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Tumblr page for the sometimes wizard rock band Creevey Crisis. I am, however, ALWAYS a wizard rock fan, and write/edit for the Wizrocklopedia. I like to blather a lot, so expect lots of info on wizard rock, recording, stuff about books, and occasionally some fanfic-related stuff as well (Hinny = OTP). Opinions are purely my own, and not reflective of the Wizrocklopedia.
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Hey, guys!  I just finished recording As You Walk today.  I have had the song written for ages and I’ve failed to have a decent recording until today.  It’s the notorious Forest/Chapter 34 song that every wizard rock band writes, but it is my version.  I hope you enjoy it!

I like it!! 

Pissed, Drunk, And Fighting for Justice

by Diagon Alley

Yeah so I’ll reblog the Diagon Alley stuff, since they’re all great guys who’ll give you the shirt off their back and happen to make great music.

Know what I really love about Diagon Alley? They’re not assholes who emotionally abuse women, steal people’s money, and bully teenaged girls. And they’ve never needed Autotune.


Firstly, how many people remember the wrock band How Airplanes Fly?

I don’t know if everybody already knew about this but I found a bunch of her music on soundcloud. All I can say is how happy I am for this discovery because her music is freaking awesome and it’s one of my main inspirations for wrock.

If you’ve been looking for more of How Airplanes Fly or have never heard her before, CLICK THIS NOW.

Love it when people discover older, amazing wrock bands!!!

PSSSST check out Hollow Godric yet, if you don’t already own all their stuff.

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How Airplanes Fly


It’s Not Stalking If It’s Love by How Airplanes Fly



A Plea To the YouTube Community (Regarding Sexual Abuse)

Can you re-blog your own stuff? If so, I feel like this is important enough.

Tumblr was the forum where I found the freedom and support to speak out, so I’m continuing to do so. I love the power and strength of the Tumblr community.

Reblogging because I agree with Sunny.

It’s one thing to still appreciate the art that a major asshole created, if you can separate the two (and some can). It’s another thing to welcome someone back to a community that they tore apart because of their despicable behavior.

Stand up. Stand up and fight to keep your community clear of assholes who abused their position and took advantage of far too many people. 


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New Music Roundup!



Since our last round of posts, a number of new wizard rock songs, EPs, and albums have been released on platforms ranging from BandCamp to iTunes and the good ol’ fashioned…



In March of this year I threw a grenade into the Nerdfighter/YouTube community. As difficult as the aftermath has been, I’m proud of myself and of my friends for speaking up and I’m thankful to all of you have been standing with me and supporting me through this. I would truly be lost without…

The notion that any of these dudes have gone through the necessary process of professional evaluation, counseling, and rehabilitation such that they’re no longer a danger to girls and women is absurd, and regardless, there is no circumstance in which it would be appropriate for them to reestablish their YouTube careers. It’s unfair to say that our community was complicit in the crimes these men committed, but shame on us if we open the door for their return. Keep talking. Don’t become complacent. Keeping our community safe requires constant vigilance. 

A couple of times recently I’ve posted or reblogged something in regards to the wizard rock “community”. Particularly in regards to those who are known to have been emotionally abusive, bullies, and allegedly taking money from their fans and giving them nothing in return. 

The problem is, after I post it, I feel a tinge of regret. Not about them, because to be quite honest, IDGAF about them. But I do feel badly about the people who get lumped in with them because they made music together and have done nothing wrong (and have distanced themselves), and then I delete the post.

I think it’s because I have a conscience. Something a few of those guys obviously know nothing of. I enjoy being snarky every now and again. But I don’t enjoy being outright mean and spiteful, no matter how justified it might be.

Hi Creevey Crisis! It's been so long and I'm sorry for losing touch, but I heard your cover of "Too Many Summers" only a few days ago and really enjoyed it! I hope everything is going well for you so far and look forward to future tumblr posts!
creeveycrisis creeveycrisis Said:

Well HELLO there! 

That makes me so happy to know that you heard the cover and enjoyed it! It was far too long ago when you gave me the OK to cover it via our MySpace messages (so that pretty much dates it right there). I finally got around to covering it about a year ago and knowing it has your approval has me breathing a silent sigh of relief. 

I hope that you’re considering releasing more music soon, I can’t think of any wrock fans that wouldn’t want to hear more Standing In Line. Especially right now.

Hola amigos-

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve rapped at ya, but life is crazy hectic. Between being a first time little league coach, work, and taking an intense summer course (14 weeks of work jammed into 5) I’m wiped out.

But something cool has been happening, and I wanted to mention it really quick.

Every time there’s a big Potter con, such as Leaky, there’s a rush on downloading/buying wrock. People are introduced to it, or never realized how much fun and awesome it is, and go on a wrock frenzy. Hopefully they’re discovering plenty of bands they’ve never seen or heard of before.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen not only a huge upswing in people downloading Creevey Crisis and Muggle Spell Theory music, some people have actually been paying for it. Every time that happens, I get a silly little grin on my face, honored that someone liked it enough to give me money for something I willingly give away for free.

However, do you know what would be even more awesome?

If you still downloaded everything of mine for free, but instead took any money you wanted to give ME, and instead bought the Starfish and Stick album (or maybe a couple of the songs), since any money received for that project is donated to This Star Won’t Go Out. A few people have bought some of the songs, however it hasn’t been enough to clear our Bandcamp balance (bands have to pay Bandcamp to host the songs, it’s not a big amount at all, but we still have a balance there as of last night). If the people who bought Creevey music instead downloaded it for free and took any $$ they wanted to give me and used it to buy S&S music, then not only do you get MORE wrock music, but you’re also helping out an amazing organization as well. 

Sales have been quiet since we released that album and made a nice donation to TSWGO, we’d love to be able to make another one. 

So if you’ve found my stuff and want to actually pay me for it, THANK YOU, but please consider Starfish and Stick to help TSWGO.

Thanks again :D

Hey, you seem to have a lot of Wizard Rock, and I'm looking for a Weasel King song that Stephanie Anderson told me about- Weasley is Our King. I haven't been able to find a copy of even a live performance on youtube or on any site for purchase. Help?
creeveycrisis creeveycrisis Said:

I gotcha covered. 

The Weasel King - “Our King”

I checked the tags on the mp3, and it’s one I downloaded from his old MySpace page when it was still up and running. So I’m OK with handing it out, here it is, and enjoy. 

I keep all the Harry Potter fanfic that I’m reading on an HP thumb drive.

I’ve done that for at least 4 years now, and I JUST noticed it today.

Observant = me.

This is…. 

there are no words.



Oh man I forgot about this one. This could’ve been like, my 4th 5th wrock band had I written a few more. 

RIP Wesley.



Prior to the release of my new album fanmix, I’ll be sharing my old stuff—yes they’re all RHr—in here. Yay music!

And I’m sorry about the yellow canary attack
And I’m sorry if you felt as though I stabbed you in the back
We both said and did things that were pretty dumb
Do you regret ‘em? Because I regret them.

Oh WOW. Two of my songs are on here. That’s… amazing. I’m very humbled.

Also, this is pretty much the only time you’d EVER see a Creevey Crisis song next to a MoM song. 

Also also, I’m not even a huge Romione shipper. Some of the songs just… ended up that way. Hinny all the way!